The Crime

The Crime

At his suggestion, Renford shares information about his crime – what he did, why he did it, and the consequences that followed, to provide listeners with transparency into his circumstance.

Content sourced in this interview:

National Post, “Toronto gun violence fuelled by U.S. ‘gun culture’ and pandemic mental-health issues: police chief

CP24, Toronto, “Gang taunts on social media, retaliation to blame for spike in Toronto shootings, Tory says

The Heinz Dilemma

2 thoughts on “The Crime

    1. Hi and thanks for your comment.
      It was three days later. When I went to that neighbourhood, I wanted to shoot him, but not to kill him.
      And if you’re wondering why I chose to do that, the life that I was living at the time, be it wrong in hindsight, those were the rules of that lifestyle.
      Feel free to ask anything else; if being open and honest brings your support, that’s all I’ll be.

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