Renford’s Plea for Attention from Celebrities & Advocates

Renford's Plea For Attention

Everybody needs help at some point in their lives, and, in this interview, Renford makes a sincere plea to Canadian celebrities and influencers to recognize those being unfairly treated while in prison, and use their voices to effect change.

It’s time Canadian celebrities start to use that platform and start to speak out like their American counterparts when it comes to looking at those who are incarcerated.

Drake, for example, a prominent Canadian celebrity, should start to take up the cause here in Canada. His work with Kanye West on the Larry Hoover Project shows that he cares about incarcerated individuals (unless it was just a publicity stunt), so why isn’t he looking at those in Canadian prisons?

We need celebrities and influencers to listen to Renford’s experience of discrimination, racism, unfair treatment and human rights violations inside, to use their platforms to make noise and make the higher-ups realize what’s happening.

We’ve got to advocate for people’s rights, even though we don’t know them, because, today it’s Renford, but next week, it might be your brother, your son or your best friend. We need to advocate for an equal, fair and just society for all.

2 thoughts on “Renford’s Plea for Attention from Celebrities & Advocates

  1. Truth b told I know this man personally people he’s a good lad smart educated friendly outgoing good moral character and a family man I find it cruel but unusual cause this lack of care from the system happens all to often cmkn people check out his page interact with him get this topic going at the water cooler Monday morning imagine u do something wrong u get punished ok they see the facts he was a young man not the same guy now by the way young men make mistakes so he gets punished 10 L so….. going on 31 years later this shows the lack of insite it shows lack of compassion lack of human compassion cmon people let’s get this out there correct the mistakes

    1. Thanks for the kind words – let’s keep the conversation going and spread the word! Let’s break the silence and hopefully it’ll be heard by the right people. RF

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