Sharing Thoughts on the Buffalo, NY Mass Shooting

Thoughts on the Buffalo Shooting

Renford talks about the recent Buffalo, NY mass shooting, and how he came to the realization of regret for his crime further into his sentence – how, at the beginning, he was callous about it and felt justified since he saw his victim as his enemy, but after seeing others who came in for the same crime and their attitude toward what they did, he started to question his own thoughts.

We talk about racism, profiling and discrimination and the different ways that White and Black people are treated by the police and by society.

This profiling and labeling is one of the major problems

As someone with 30 years of prison time for murder, he offers some examples of relatability with the shooter and the hopes that he is able to get the help that he needs.

I feel for this kid. He’s 18. At 18, you still think you’re invincible. he’s a kid – he ain’t a man.

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